About Us

Who We Are

vig-yapan.com is 2019 launched first of it’s kind advertising and marketing company with a very unique business proposition in its field.
vig-yapan.com displays adds of their clients and partners brand’s on paper, plastic and disposable materials in order to make advertising more affordable than ever before.
The continuous efforts and absolute determine team of vig-yapan.com internet to make brands teach to the large public domain nationwide in most affordable price.

Who can avail our Services
Vig-yapan.com is open to every kinds of business and market prospects, Everybody can avail our service who is in search of easy affordable medium of advertising with maximum outputs. Either it’s small start-up’s, large MNC’s, Govt. schemes, Awareness campaigns, Entertainment sector or other brands anybody can avail our service to increase the brand awareness and maximize the potential customer to make their business prolific and grow.

Reasonable Pricing

Vigyapan.com is India's leading and first of it's kind advertising and marketing company, which offers the most affordable means of branding to very large audience than ever before. As we know that the rate of disposable are very low, so it can be turned into very prolific medium of markething.

Grow Your Business

We intent to make your brand global and help you grow. Our constant efforts and continous hard work with very determine team will help you for your brand awareness and target the potential customers. We intent to put your brand in every household and every corner of the nation.

How can we benefit you

Our large network of distributors, retailers will help you to market your product nationwide. We disperse our disposable product everywhere right from small tea stalls to premium resturents and malls. we ensure you to make your brand reach to a large public domain for better prospects.


How We Work

vig-yapan.com founded by sameer chauhan is a first of it’s kind advertising and marketing company which uses paper cups, plastic vessels and other disposable material for advertising and marketing purpose. we at vig-yapan.com intent to evaluate the business proportions and market them for brand awareness in most affordable but huge reach means of marketing and branding. By availing Vig-yapan.com your brand can get to the large public domain in affordable budget. We can make your services more prolific by following means :-
* Increase Brand Awareness
* Enhance & Leverage Marketing
* Target new potential customer segment

Our clients


india have witnessed thousands of startups and new ventures in the last decade, some of them have made it big with a very prolific idea and unique business model. but every year hundreds of new startups get failed and end up closing the entire company eventually.....

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The State of happiness
what is happiness ?? , how one can find it? and what is the ultimate source of happiness??. we often come across this question but we don’t know the exact answer......

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Piece your Destination
most of us would have often thought of the destination or the future, it makes us very uncomfortable with thinking for future prospects. our real path or effort to reach the destination we fantasize may be different than the one we may reach.......

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Email us at :-    vigyapan83@gmail.com
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